Expo App

Activity Stream Posts

  • Request a specific time slot or be placed in the queue for placement each hour on the hour
  • Choose between 6 interactive ad formats to appear in the activity stream where attendees will interacting with each other. 
    • Basic - A fully customizable sponsored post with an image and action button.
    • Document Download - Share and promote any document with an image & direct download.
    • Sponsored Session - Promote a session that features one of your employees.
    • Gallery - Upload one or more images to show a product, service, location, etc.
    • eCommerce - Promote a special discount code or product purchase opportunity.
    • App Download - Promote a mobile app with direct downloads from the App Store.
  • In addition to the specified functionality of each format, ads connect to the exhibitor/sponsor information that will be preloaded for all exhibitors and sponsors.

Contact Laura Miller at 515-270-0713 or lmiller@iarx.org.